I'm Oksana Krasiuk

and I am a professional photographer. Imagery, ideas, moods, moments, events ... everything that I create with my imagination and camera is here.

Photography is my main hobby and job for nearly ten years, so I have a huge photo experience. Due to it, I have two main directions of my work. I shoot for individuals and for business as a commercial photographer.


As for me, photography is one of the most important ways of personal state expression. When I work with people, my main aim is to express their feelings and state, to show their internal beauty and to save it on photos. And in each case, it gives something meaningful ... faith in yourself, inspiration or an opportunity to tell the world what you feel and capture it forever.

Photography allows you to remember and feel those moments of life that will never happen again. Perhaps you will not be able to feel the true value of these captured moments immediately. But after years, you will understand that they are much more important than any money and material wealth. So I will be happy to create these moments with you!

I shoot:
• individual male and female portraits and imageries
• family and children photo sessions
• maternity
• engagement and love stories
• wedding collections
• nude and boudoir imageries
• miscellaneous personal events and parties

I provide photographic services to Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and surrounding areas.

Also, if you are Russian speaking people, we can communicate on native language.


I think that nowadays photography is a necessary tool for your commercial success. As you know, about 70% of any information we get by our eyes, so professional and creative images of your products and services make you unique, create advantages and lead to new sales. As an experienced commercial photographer with a marketing background, I can help you to achieve your business goals!

I shoot:
• advertising shots for your products and services
• catalog shots and lookbooks
• food photography
• corporate portraits and headshots
• interior and property shooting
• the shooting of working processes and events reportage

Additionally, I can offer:
• Development of the visual concepts of the projects according to the advertising strategy, target audience, and marketing objectives.
• Selection of props, models, locations.
• Styling and scenario development for shooting.

So, will be happy to collaborate for your business improvement and rise!

I provide photographic services to Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch and surrounding areas. Have all needed professional equipment.

Notice: All images are the exclusive property and copyright of Oksana Krasiuk Photography and it’s owners. It is extremely important for the photographer to keep their portfolio up to date, so the photographer reserves the right to use any images on their Website, Facebook page or any other relevant marketing material. By booking with Oksana Krasiuk Photography, you agree to these terms and conditions.

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